Medicine Seller

First Appearance

Episode 9: "Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales"


Unknown; Appears half-kitsune


Takahiro Sakurai

English Voice Actor

Andrew Francis

A wandering, nameless character (Voiced by Takahiro Sakurai), who is known only as "Medicine Seller" or "Mr. Medicine Seller" (Kusuriuri 薬売りin Japanese). The series revolves around him encountering, combating and subsequently destroying various mononoke.

The Medicine Seller always proceeds in the same manner, using his knowledge of the supernatural to fend off the mononoke until he can learn the spirit's Shape (Katachi), Truth (Makoto) and Reasoning (Kotowari). Only then can he unsheathe his sword and exorcise the demon.

Method of Exorcism and Inner SelfEdit

The style of exorcism the Medicine Seller employs is derived from Mikkyo Buddhism's Sammitsu (or San Himitsu meaning "Three Secrets"). These are the secrets of the body, the mouth and the will. Through these, Mikkyo Buddhists seek the path of Enlightenment. For some practicioners, however, they were also used to awaken special powers, such as spiritual healing or exorcism.

However when he finds the Form, Truth and Regret (形、誠、理り) of the Mononoke he draws his sword and transforms into his inner self. Then with that form he can kill the Mononoke.


The Medicine Seller and his "Inner Self".


The Medicine Seller wears a purple bandanna over his wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair. He also has red markings covering his face; whether these are tattoos or just mere make-up is unknown. He wears light purple lipstick and has slightly pronounced canines. He has large pointed ears, and an intricate blue kimono. He wears tall geta and carries a katana with a red and gold hilt. Despite being passed off as a human, many find his presence to be strange, as he has pale skin, his face is fox-like, and has pointed ears instead of the round ones that ordinary humans have.

Whenever he has a Mononoke's shape, truth, and reasoning, the Medicine Seller reveals his Inner Self - a powerful being that is an inverted version of himself. The Inner Self has white hair, tan skin, and golden tattoos, and instead wears a gold-orange kimono.


Like his history, little is known about the Medicine Seller's personality. He is mainly seen as calm and collected, even sarcastic at times, although he can lash out when extremely provoked.